IT solutions can be complex and overwhelming for the uniniated. Understanding whats required, getting the right mix of servers, applications, and security solutions to maximize performance and minimize risk is often a daunting task. At Saint Systems, our IT experts understand the solutions available to you and the technology to support your specific business needs. When you work with us, you get a refreshing mix of technological know-how along with concern for the unique needs of your business.

IT Planning

We will work with you to identify your IT requirements and plan the appropriate solutions to meet your business goals.

Vendor Management

Bitforge will manage all IT related vendor relationships.

IT Design

Bitforge will help you design your IT environement to help you run your business to realize the goals you have set.

IT Support

We will help you manage and maintain your IT environment at its best to minimize the potential for failure. We offer the following level of service to match your requirement and budget:-

Proactive Service

Through our monitoring tools we’ll detect systems that are about to fail and take action – in advance – to prevent the failure.

Reactive Service

Emergency escalation procedures allow us to react quickly to systems that have failed, getting you back online for continued business operations.

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