In the next five years, I foresee the revolution of (IOT) internet of things taking over the world.

Internet-connected hardware with real-time data processing, analytics, intelligent systems linked to machine learning will pave the path to the future.

It’s not just a digital industry per se, its a disruption to the essence of how we live, how we process information and creating a data-driven economy.

What is the internet of things?

Internet of things or in short (IOT) is any hardware or physical device embedded with sensors, electronics, internet that enables it to monitor, collect and transmit data.IOT will change everything we do. I believe that every essential part of our daily needs will be an IOT.

Imagine your apparel adjust the temperature depending on the change of weather condition.

A connected home. Let me give you an IOT scenario.

You are going to sleep now. You wear a device on wrist similar to a Fitbit or a health tracker watch.

It tracks your sleep pattern and movement and if it senses that you are having a reduced amount of deep sleep.

It triggers an aromatherapy device to spray lavender essential oil in the room. The smell of lavender induces a better sleeping environment, and at the same time, the IOT device calibrates the room temperature and temperature of the mattress.

Another example

You just got out of the bed in the wee hours of the morning. The alarm clock triggers the coffee machine to make coffee in the morning,

As you reach towards your car, proximity sensors send data to the vehicle, to start the ignition, keeping the car warm till you arrive.

While you are driving to work, you send a message to the IOT linked Coffee machine in the office, to make a cup of coffee.

As you leave work to home, proximity alert detects your arrival, switches on the lights, heating system, warm up the food that you have stored.

The sensor detects the amount of food in the fridge, automatically sends you a notification of produce, which is expiring and requires restocking. The supermarket then delivers the produces automatically to you.

Sensor connected light bulbs that knows when they require a replacement. With a tap of your finger on the app in your smartphone, send a request to the supermarket to deliver you a new light bulb, or you could keep them in a buy list for bulk delivery later on.

Sensors in shoes and unique watches that track your health and BMI index that sends warning on your cholesterol level,

The possibilities are limitless. Imagine how can IOT revolutionises the world’s ecosystem.

The way I see it, We would need a new hierarchy of needs.

IOT can bring a lot of changes in creating a sustainable and efficient living in the ever increasing human population.

The way I see how I could contribute to this transformation is to be part of the change.

I look forward to new innovating ideas, a new way of solving human problems.

I have a deep interest in hacking human growth how we can be a better human being to care for the world.

I want to work on IOT, which increases human efficiency and creates happiness all around.

I imagine working on devices that hook up to our mind and gives us data on the alleviation of hormones and chemical imbalance, to hack meditation. To make it better and super!

The transformation is endless, and I am looking forward to the future.

The article was written by Anand Kumar (Technical Support Engineer & Project Manager)